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About Us

Since 1967 United Buying Service has been dedicated to providing savings on vehicle purchases for buyers from the Washington DC and Baltimore area!

In our 46th year of service, we remain committed to benefiting our car and truck buying members.  This dedication and focus has led to decades of happy UBS customers who save time and money while purchasing their vehicle.

We want YOU to be a satisfied UBS customer, too


Our Goals

  • To save members time and money by helping to provide a pleasant, and efficient vehicle purchase experience.
  • To grow our membership and business, particularly through referrals from satisfied members.

Local Experience

United Buying Service has been helping customers in the Maryland, DC, Virginia area save time and money since 1967. Our advisors have years of experience negotiating prices for our many satisfied customers.



Frequently Asked Questions

1)  How does United Buying Service benefit me?

Since 1967, UBS has worked with car dealers in the Washington - Baltimore area to make your vehicle purchase simple, fast and easy.  Our success in serving members is based on our pre-negotiated prices, our years of experience, as well as our specially trained sales representatives and dealerships. 

2) Where are the Vehicle Prices? 

Your affiliated member organization as well as the UBS affiliated dealerships have a copy of the UBS Official Price Book available for your reference.  For you to take advantage of these pre-negotiated prices, which can be combined with savings on dealer-installed optional equipment, contact us to request a Purchase Certificate.

3) Who is eligible to use United Buying Service?

UBS is a member-benefit service, for families that are affiliated through member organizations.  Eligible participants include both the individual and his or her family members.

4) Are you a local company?

United Buying Service serves the Washington-Baltimore region, so we can work closely with each and every affiliated dealership and sales representative that is part of our team.  This assures our members the highest level of quality and service. 

5) What do I do after I receive a Purchase Certificate?

Simply contact the UBS sales representatives and make an appointment to meet with them so you can take full advantage of the UBS pre-negotiated prices and quality service!

6) Tell me about "rebates" and "incentives".

"Rebates" are financial incentives offered by manufacturers to the consumer to encourage the purchase of a vehicle. These are available to all UBS customers in addition to the UBS pricing.

"Incentives" are financial encouragements offered by manufacturers to the dealer to encourage the sale of a vehicle.  These incentives are available with United Buying Service -- providing you with extra savings!

7) Is UBS just for new cars?

United Buying Service works with its dealers to provide you savings on used vehicles as well. Call UBS and let your advisor know that you are looking for a used vehicle and they can help you find what you are looking for in the price range you want.

8) Do UBS dealers take trade-ins?

Yes! The dollar amount for your vehicle would usually be the wholesale value. UBS is particularly helpful in this circumstance by clearly stating the cost of the new car, thus you both know the true market value of your vehicle.

9) What is a "purchase audit"?

The purchase audit is included with your regular UBS vehicle purchase! After you buy your vehicle, you can request a line-by-line audit of your purchase to make sure you have received the correct UBS price, as well as any applicable rebates and incentives!  Call UBS and provide us with a copy of your Purchase Order and we will do the rest.

10) I've heard that UBS provides discounts on furniture, too.  What about this?

Yes, we DO provide discounts on furniture, also!  Simply call or email us your request for the furniture and we'll refer you to the UBS showroom and UBS sales representatives to work with!