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Request an Audit of Your Vehicle Purchase

What is an Audit?

An Audit is an opportunity for an independent review of your transaction. If you have any questions about the price of the product you have purchased we can do an Audit to determine that you paid the price you should have for your vehicle.

What kind of things does an Audit check into?

During an Audit, United Buying Service can look into several aspects of the transaction that might require looking into. This can include whether or not any rebates or incentives were offered during the transaction, any discrepencies in paper work between you and the dealer, and any unwarranted fees or additional charges added to the price of the vehicle. Our staff will do a thurough investigation to ensure you recieved the correct pricing and to explain anything that may seem like a discrepency but is actually legitimate.

What if I purchased my vehicle at a non-UBS dealer, can I still get an Audit?

We will extend audits to include dealer incentives for any dealership.

How much does an Audit cost?

Audits are included in our regular UBS services to ensure customers have the kind of peace of mind they need when purchasing a vehicle.

When should I consider requesting an Audit?

If you have any questions about the vehicle price after the purchase then you should request UBS do an Audit.

What can I do once I have an Audit?

If you have the Audit and you are interested in pursuing a refund, UBS will take the necessary action for you to ask for that refund. UBS has a great deal of experience working with our dealerships and we will take the burden of asking for a refund off your hands.

How do I request an Audit?

Call us at 301-6571920 or 410-792-9070 and provide us with the name of the dealership you went to, the name of the sales person, and a copy of your Purchase Order from the dealership. We will take care of things from there and keep your informed on the progress of the Audit.